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SC Summer Reading Camp

In 2022, TCOM was selected for a Summer Reading Camp Community Partnership Grant by the SC Department of Education. In partnership with The Family Learning Company, we delivered over 80 Mary McLeod Bethune Family Literacy Tablets to the Dillon 4 school district, trained parents and teachers on their use, and watched their children learn. In only three weeks, 57 children and adults in their families mastered over 1,600 learning activities in social-emotional learning, vocabulary, phonemic awareness, reading fluency and writing. They then took the tablets home, and continue to use them to build reading and writing skills to this day.


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Mary McLeod Bethune License Plates

Mary McLeod Bethune is the first African American to be featured on a South Carolina license plate. You can honor her legacy by selecting your own plate from the RMV. Click below and scroll down to Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune.

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This unique prepaid card program will include a second chance banking component. It should be noted that proceeds from this soon-to-be-introduced Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune prepaid card program will be delivered to the Twin City Outreach Mission to benefit various educational and community outreach initiatives.

Health Risk Assessment, Annual Wellness Visit, Personal Preventative Plan = Well Check

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