Twin City Outreach Mission is to build a strong, unified business environment; reinvest in our HBCU'S; facilitate economic development and strengthen communities-all to nurture a diverse, vibrant, and thriving economy through financial literacy programs with a focus on tourism.  While our focus is business development and promotion, we also recognize the cultural richness of our community to help make our world thrive.  We assist local businesses, investors, and community organizations, helping stimulate economic development to strengthen the community’s economic base, and HBCU'S and address broad issues pertaining to quality of life for community.


Develop multi-generational leaders.

Founded by community leaders, TCOM facilitated organizing campaigns that increased the resources and services available to families and residents. Today, TCOM continues its work as a vehicle and voice of low-income and working families.

TCOM utilizes direct action community organizing as its primary methodology for change, and develops new generations of African American leadership that will build stable, viable, and just communities where opportunity is not denied based on race or economic status.