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Ed Miller is a Former Captain, United States Air Force where he was an Electronic Communications Officer. He is currently the Chair of the South Carolina Commission on Disabilities and Special Needs. His focus is on community development through education. With his wife, Jereleen, he is the co-founder of the Bethune Family Learning education programs in South Carolina.

Jereleen Hollimon-Miller trained and worked as an early childhood educator. She is a great-grand-niece of Mary McLeod Bethune, honored to continue the Bethune legacy of educational service.

              Mary McLeod Bethune                                                                Jereleen Hollimon-Miller


Twin City Outreach Mission (TCOM) seeks to nurture a diverse, vibrant, and thriving economy through literacy programs: general literacy (reading & writing), financial literacy and health literacy.  We build these literacies in order to build a strong, unified business environment; provide an on-ramp into our HBCU'S; facilitate economic development and strengthen communities.  We partner with local businesses, investors, and community organizations, helping stimulate economic development to strengthen the community’s economic base with a focus on tourism, and address broad issues pertaining to quality of life of our community.

Founded by community leaders, TCOM facilitates organizing campaigns that increased the resources and services available to South Carolina families and residents. Today, TCOM continues its work as a vehicle and voice of low-income and working families.

Our Partners

The Family Learning Company publishes the best and only family literacy software on the market.

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Henry Schein and MedPod provide medical care in remote regions using technology-assisted care.

Building the Business
of Life Sciences in
South Carolina

NSEA was formed to identify and secure research opportunities for talented, underrepresented minorities including students and their instructors in HBCUs and MSIs. By doing so, NSEA’s goal is to help strengthen HBCU and MSI scientific and engineering programs, and create a system for early identification, and training of the next generation of future STEM researchers.

People have been putting up with dirty contaminated indoor air for too long. Bad air has been proven to negatively impact things like sick days, test scores, and cognitive brain function. It’s time to do something about it.


Leading, advocating and empowering women of African descent, their families and communities.

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